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Hand-woven Persian Carpet is not simply an exquisite commercial commodity.

It is rather an artistic masterpiece created by skilled Iranian artisans.

In Iran, carpet weavers have always been motivated and inspired by the beautiful

nature of Iran that is in itself a unique one.

Nightingales, tea roses, bright skies, snow-capped mountains surrounding bare deserts,

dears and yellow Iranian gazelles are stimulating the creative minds of artisans

who are proud to produce such an artistic handwork.

Therefore, Persian Carpet has passed through the long history, the rich civilization,

the endured tradition and the spiritual cultureof the land that we know it as Iran.

The Persian Carpet must, though, be regarded as an invaluable,

wonderful and durable essence of Iranian history that is dating back

to at least 7000 years ago.

The brilliance of Persian Carpet is global

if it is authentically Persian.

There is a proverb that says: THE GENUINE CARPET MUST BE PERSIAN.

ETFA has organized more than 500.000 Iran Carpet weavers in 280 cooperatives and

28 unions that annually produce nearly 800.000 square meters of Carpets.

ETFA is nowadays one of the major Persian Carpet production centers in Iran.

Variety of designs, indigenous colors, fine knots and suitable sizes are all features of

Persian Carpet produced by ETFA that make its Carpets acceptable in various parts

of the world in the all continents.

ETFA´s Export Services Center is keenly ready to offer all Persian Carpet services including

washing, finishing, cleaning, customs clearance, transportation, and many other services

to local and foreign companies and businessmen.


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